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           Brooke Molla is an artist living and working in the low desert of Arizona. Her inspiration comes from the insignificant objects of nature that are mostly found at her feet on sidewalks, spider webs or garden beds, also the quick glimpses of nature viewed through the windows of our houses and cars. These objects that are found or quickly seen such as seeds, leaves, parts of insects and animals are the clues of an active world of nature that surrounds us but a world that we very rarely see and know very little about. She received her training and MFA from Washington University in St Louis, MO. Many of her pieces are part of 

University, Museum and Private Collections. This year her prints have been included in the Permanent Collections of Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates, Janet Turner Museum, Chico CA, and Special Collections at Colorado State University at Boulder CO. Her work has been published in The Matador Review, The Dialogist and on the cover of Nature Inspired Anthologies.

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